To make Your precious dream come true

Creating jewelry to order consists of the following steps:

1. Design

2. Modeling

3. The Incarnation

Let's look at each of these stages in detail.


In the process of creating a design, you need to think up (find?) A thought around which an image will be created. Whether it's a basket with your favorite cornflowers, or the wings of Hermes, or the symbolism of Cthulhu. Then the image is tried on, adapted to a specific person, to a person. In the process, sketches are created, graphic fixation of thoughts.


Here already begins what in the fashionable language of a metropolis called "variability".

The oldest technique of manufacturing is by hand. On slang they say - hand-to-hand.

The creation of jewelry by hand, without the use of modeling and modern technology - the most, perhaps, expensive, costly and in terms of metal consumption, and in terms of labor. By the way, the master does not have the right to make a mistake in this case either. In most cases, if "something is not right" means a complete alteration of the product.

And in search of a more reasonable alternative, wax modeling and waxing was invented.

Wax models are created manually or, the last, about 40 years, can be created using 3D modeling and prototyping on various 3D machines.

After we have a full-fledged wax model of decoration (or part of it), we can proceed to the stage


At this stage, wax casting takes place and the castings are processed.

Mounting, mold making, polishing, polishing, basting stones, rhodiuming and many other clever words mean dozens of activities and processes that a jeweler must produce before you become the jeweler of your dream. In the attached images, we tried to fix some of our long and painstaking work for you.